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Polina Jourdain-Kobycheva offers a poetics of the body and its movements to make its representation not only an object, but a tool for thinking about the world. A sociologist of culture, passionate about history, she transforms her discoveries and life experiences through her art.

Polina Jourdain-Kobycheva came to photography after fifteen years of practicing sociology, her original profession. His involvement in society, both in terms of research and in terms of the analysis of individuals, has allowed him to sharpen his view of men and their works.

Her first works were architectural photos tracking down the details, scrutinizing the material from which she drew a new order organized by her artistic vision. 

Then his interest in dance led to a major project with the dancers of Malandain Ballet Biarritz, crowned in 2016 by an exhibition at the Crypte Sainte-Eugénie in Biarritz, illustrating the festival Time to Love Dance. The body is treated in close-ups to achieve the improbable synthesis of anatomical aesthetics and the dreaminess of curves.

The publication of two art books, one on dance Absolute Delicate Dance, the other on the nude Light Painting on Black Background, announce and confirm a new style always dominated by a singular sensitivity to beauty.

Since 2018, another personal project on dance “In Body”, dedicated to former dancers, was born and continues to be enriched. Through the representation of the body, Polina Jourdain-Kobycheva invents a new aestheticism, a new language appropriating the evolution of “body-history”.
Polina Jourdain-Kobycheva offers a poetics of the body and its movements to make its representation not only an object, but a tool for thinking about the world.
Currently his work continues around Basque Pelota and dancing. This sporting discipline, anchored in Basque tradition, is presented in its artistic work under the prism of the body in movement, but also that of the material, placing its subject in a cultural context and its local transmissions.
In 2021 with Arteaz Editions, she is releasing a new work, Pilota Arimak, on the traditional art of Basque pelota. It tells the fruits of a story between a man, the material and the local culture.
In 2022 with the support of ALCA Nouvelle Aquitaine, she is releasing another work Dantza, Pilotari!, link between the Cesta Punta And dance.

Solo exhibitions

  • 2023 Dantza, Pilotari! – Pili Tafernaberry Gallery. Bidart. France
  • 2022 Bwater Gestures – Gestu Egerrak. Biarritz. France
  • 2021 The Art of Basque Pelota. Saint Jean de Luz. France.
  • 2018 In Body. What remains when the dancer's body is no longer performing? Biarritz, France
  • 2016 Dance. The absolute delicate. Biarritz, France
  • 2015 Photo opening on three themes: nude, architecture and dance “Painting of light”. Bayonne, France
  • 2010 Shadow architecture. “Nabokov Apartment” Museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2009 The freedom movement. Exhibition of ballet photographs. St. Petersburg, Russia

Permanent collections

  • 2012 State Russian Museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Collective exhibitions

  • 2017 May of the photo. Villeneuve-sur-Lot, France
  • 2016 “Nabokov synesthete” Biarritz, France
  • 2013 “Beauty without glamour”. State Russian Museum. St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2012 “II Biennale of Contemporary Photography”. St. Petersburg, Russia


“Polina Kobycheva photographs faces, looks and postures at the same time, amused and ironic, serious and playful, as if to take up a challenge in the face of the wave of anonymity which crushes and standardizes individuals. In these portraits, we also perceive the vagaries of time passing, which wears out bodies and minds. Finally, we read there, a deep joy, an assurance, as well as a pleasure of feeling alive, again and again. »

–Itxaro Borda


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