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Dantza, pilotari!

On the occasion of the Basque Pelota World Championships which will be held in Iparalde in October 2022, in collaboration with the Cesta punta de Biarritz (BAC) club and with the support of the Public Office of the Basque Language, Polina Jourdain Kobycheva publishes this work in which she continues her photographic reflection around Basque pelota.

Pilota arimak

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Pilota arimak

The souls of the pelota (pilota arimak), these are the objects that allow this sport to exist: pala, chistera, xare, leather gloves and the most emblematic of all, the ball, pilot, who gave his name as signature.

The souls of the pelota, it is also these artisans who create and allow this centuries-old activity to continue.

Danse. l’Absolu Délicat

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Dance. the Delicate Absolute

This book is not a book about dance but about the dancer in his intimate dimension and his relationship to the birth of movement. The point of view of the author Polina Jourdain-Kobycheva awakens us, with delicacy and humility, to the secret world rich in nuances of the dancer. The silhouette and the modeling of the dancers' bodies show us perfect lines tracing harmonious curves like dance tracing arabesques. 


Light painting on black background

In a period dominated by special effects in photography, Polina Jourdain-Kobycheva offers us a refreshing journey shrouded in black and white. From his nudes emerge abstract lines which magnify the body in a graphic design evoking charcoal drawings. Its vision is served by fine lines of light which reveal volume and shape. This book is accompanied by the poems of Didier Jourdain in a haiku style.


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