Polina Jourdain-Kobycheva



Culture is a huge source of energy and inspiration. The cultural report – it's a magnificent adventure in the world of music and theater. This allows you to discover the best artists who come to the region and to Biarritz. The show, the rehearsals, the life behind the scenes, and of course the personality of the artist, his way of playing and his relationship with the audience – all this is part of a rich and varied life. During this work, I met people whose memories will stay with me for the rest of my life.


Interiors live their own lives. Objects, furniture, the geometry of the lines they align and the refraction of light all constitute a particular atmosphere of a place, which a professional photographer must convey.
The interiors of hotels, castles and private estates are the fruits of the creative work of many people involved. My task is to understand the creators' idea and convey it as faithfully as possible.
I admire the work of the creators of the magnificent interiors that I was lucky to photograph.


In the series on craft professions,  I wanted to show the intimate world of artisans' workshops, to find beauty in sometimes simple and ordinary things. I am interested in people as much as the objects they create. 

I was particularly interested in the artisans of Basque pelota. We often talk about the players but we don't often talk about the people who make the instruments. And yet they are also “souls of the pelota », these artisans who create and allow this centuries-old activity to continue. From a chestnut branch to a chistera, from a beech trunk to a pala, from a latex core to a ball,  highlight the know-how of these artisans: manufacturers of chistera, xare or balls. The book Pilota Arimak published in 2021 tell the fruits of a story between a man, a material and a culture.


Doing a company team portrait can be a great way to introduce your team members to a wider audience and highlight your company values. Here are some elements you can include in such a portrait:

  1. A group photo: Start with a group photo that shows all team members together. Make sure the photo is high quality and reflects the feel of your business.
  2. A brief introduction: Introduce your company and explain what you do, as well as the values you hold dear. This may include information about your mission, vision, company culture and goals.
  3. Team Members: Introduce each team member with an individual photo and a brief biography. You can include their name, position, professional experience, and details about their skills and passions.
  4. Recent projects: Explain recent projects your team worked on and the results achieved. This can include key figures, customer testimonials and images or videos of the projects.
  5. Future ambitions: Share the future ambitions of your company and your team. Explain what you want to accomplish in the short and long term, as well as the challenges you will face to get there.

By introducing your team in this way, you can give your customers, business partners and potential employees insight into what makes your company a great and inspiring place to work.